Here’s the Good News!

I made it all the way to Thursday.

And the dark chocolate covered raisins are gone. Now, I’m not the one who finished them off and I’m not saying who did. That would be a breach of confidence and perhaps even get me fired. (Wink, wink)
The bad news is that there were a few vanilla caramels at home. I ate just one and popped a crown off. I really hate that. Ran to the drug store and got one of those fix-it kits which worked kinda well until I could get into my dentist who glued it down again with the admonition to “stay away from sticky candy!” Well, duh! Doesn’t he know I’m trying to diet…..

Since I was on my own the last few days, yep, just me and puppy, there has been a lot of time for reflection. I’m never sure this is a good thing since I’m a classic over-thinker.

I read this post (I don’t remember where its from or who wrote it, so if you know, let me know and I’ll give them credit)

“You learned to fight, to survive, to shut down, to keep your guard up, to hold your breath, to expect nothing and be prepared for anything.
In this season, may you learn to breathe, laugh, sleep, dance, love, be free, be yourself, blossom… again or for the first time.”

I read these words and cried: For lost time, for my younger self, my space, my ideals, my hopes. I have always wanted to believe in everything turning out right, in happy endings, in peaceful waters. I have wasted so much of life holding onto things that didn’t serve me, didn’t lift me up, didn’t nurture me from the inside out.

So, It began slowly, one cautious step at a time.
I bought a small chair for my bedroom. Blue denim, nail head finish. Cute.
I took swing dance lessons. Forced a friend to be my partner.
I restarted my consulting business. I LOVE helping people make music…
I learned to drink whisky. Maybe that was a backward step?
Maybe, just maybe I will begin to breathe and then…blossom….

Fear, my goodness it’s a crippling thing. Let’s work on letting go of this together.
Can I get an “amen?”
And just in case no one else tells you today, I love you. You rock. I admire you.

We’ll talk more later,

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  1. Thanks for inviting me to your blog Gayle. I enjoyed it and will keep reading. See you at Pete’s soon. Gloria

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