“Ya gotta be hardy!”

Life is jam-packed with its sweet little ups and downs. Surprise visits and lousy colds, happy laughter with good friends and car repair bills…
Steps forward & steps back- It’s what life is all about.
You can try to protest against the hard stuff, insulate yourself from the bad things but they are going to happen, so hang on!.
I love the line spoken by Aunt Eller in the Oklahoma musical: “You gotta take all the good in one hand and all the bad in the other and say ‘alright then.’ To both of them”
Life seems like such a quick walk from where I am now. I remember my dad telling me at one of his birthday parties that he’d come farther than he was going. I wondered what that would be like…
So here it is, the dawn of a new day. The sun is shining, the sky is blue. Toast and tea are calling me from the kitchen. A hot shower should help clear away this congestion a little bit. Time to get moving because as Aunt Eller says “Ya gotta be hardy!”
Have a good day- we’ll talk more later.

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