It’s a Monday

The weekend went by way too quickly, like always and here it is again- Monday…

I had a list of things to get done of the weekend and I did almost exactly half. Not bad.

I decided to start my diet again this morning. So far I’ve consumed a protein shake and green tea for breakfast. Pretty good!

Got to the office and had a handful of dark chocolate raisins. Not good.

Lunch was a half of an open-faced ham sandwich. Not too bad.

Just had another handful of dark chocolate covered raisins. Not good.

I probably should put them in a drawer away from sight. Now that would be good.

Already planned to have a salad for dinner tonight. Good.

Luckily I have no dark chocolate raisins at home. Very good.

My daughter, the chef who spoils me, will be gone until Wednesday so her puppy (2 years old) and I will be on our own until then. This is may not be a good thing. I can look forward to when I get home from work that the laundry that I didn’t fold over the weekend (part of the other half of the things I didn’t get done) will have been thoroughly inspected and spread out over every couch, chair, bed and rug all over the house. Anything that was mistakenly left on the kitchen counter is likely shredded and ingested and the blinds next to the front door will be askew and dirty from the “protector” keeping the bad guys from the front door. He will have buried the milk bone that my daughter gave him as a treat when she left in one of my potted plants and stomped his big muddy feet all over most of the surfaces in the house including my bed. A busy afternoon for one Labradoodle.

How’s your Monday going so far? I’m hoping to make good choices when I get home. Hope you do too.

If we don’t we can start again tomorrow, right?

Be patient with yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back and a hug. You deserve it!

We’ll talk more later,


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  1. We like your new blog. Your dietary challenges are not yours alone. Most of us struggle with our choices. We think you are doing just fine and will be successful over time. We look forward to more of your humor, honesty and wisdom. ❤️ Jan & Tom

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