Just me.

From my tiny corner of the world, this little table, there is the view of the fountain outside, the Barista making coffee and the trash can. I hear the conversations around me- some intense, some laughter, people sharing what they are doing, what they are planning to do and all of the political news of the day. Here is where problems are solved, crisis are averted, stories are shared.
I am aware of the fact that the longer I sit here the more I become a fixture in this place. One of those people who uses the coffee shop as their office of sorts. Do I really want to be that predictable? Not really.
I dream of one day being one of those mysterious people. Behind my sunglasses, observing the world, writing great and mysterious things that people are commenting about or sharing with each other. “Did you see what she wrote today? ” “I wonder where she gets her inspiration?” “She must live an exciting life.”
My problem is that I’m not that person- I’m just me.
That open-book kind of person. What you see is what you get. Never very good at concealing things or being sophisticated or wise.
I look at others and wonder, how did they figure things out so easily while I stumble and bumble along?
And while I am here confessing things- let’s just lay it out on the table. My dear friend had to tell me recently that I had come out in public with my sweater on inside out. This is the life I lead. While the rest of world seems to exit their homes with sweaters on correctly, I’m walking around inside out.
The other day I had lunch. Well, actually, I have lunch most every day, but this particular day after I had lunch, I got up to put my nearly empty dish in the sink, got distracted and went down the hall to my bedroom instead. Set the bowl on the table by the bed, but realized that I had forgotten my phone in the kitchen, went back to get my phone, but on the way I got distracted again and ended up in the music room playing a song on the piano for a few minutes but then realized I hadn’t gotten my phone. I headed back to the kitchen but then the timer on the washer went off and don’t you hate when you forget a load in the washer and it gets all smelly and you have to wash it again and there’s a drought going on? So I had to take care of that.
Then I saw those black sandals on the dryer and I remembered that I had gotten some super glue to glue those black sandals that I love, but a piece is a bit torn on them and I didn’t want it to really rip, so I had to rummage in my purse to find that little bag from the store with the glue in it.
But you know, my purse was a mess, so I cleaned that out and found that I had forgotten to mail this bill that needed to be paid. It was almost time to go pick up #3 child from school, so I jumped into the car and headed to the post office. I was a little late picking up the kid but she was so sweet about it that I decided to get her a treat at Sonic. Ever had a lime slush there? Yum- kind of a grown up snow cone.
Anyway,¬†when we got back home I could hear big dog in the bedroom chewing on something. We usually close all the bedroom doors when we are gone because who knows what she might discover that needs dragging out and chewed on, but I hadn’t done that… obviously.
Dogs do smile, and mine is so good at it. She didn’t even have the sense to look guilty laying there chewing on that empty bowl. Where did that come from, I think to myself? And then, like a flash back in one of those movie scenes I see it all laid out before me and I wonder… did I put the ketchup bottle in the dryer?
And what kind of day are you having?
Peace, God’s grace and blessings my friend.
Next week is Holy Week- don’t forget to stop by and visit God’s house and say “thanks” for Jesus.
We’ll talk later,

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