Pretty Good Day… for a Wednesday

One of the favorite pastors that I worked for would show up in the morning at the church and say “well, I guess God didn’t want me last night, so I’m here.” Always made me laugh- still does.
So, it’s Wednesday. Both of the morning lessons I had scheduled cancelled, so I have this little stretch of time to take a deep breath and look around. Once again the house cleaning fairies didn’t show up, so there’s that to deal with. Where are those little buggers when I need them?
The sky is finally clouding up- maybe, just maybe we’ll get a little rain around here. I know you people in the rest of the country are buried in the snow, but could you please send a little this way? I volunteered to lead a rain dance out in front of the coffee shop this morning. Not many takers- I was thinking that a samba might be just the thing, but surprisingly, no one seemed at all interested. Imagine that?
Big dog has decided that, since I’m home and all, it’s time for a walk (again).  After all, I do look as if I have nothing better to do! I should have taken her with me this morning- she would have rain danced.
So, in an effort to get something done this morning, besides checking out what’s on television (this is a very bad idea by the way- daytime t.v. will suck your brain dry. There is a reason it’s called the idiot box.) I made a pot of regular coffee, which I intend to drink in it’s entirety. Then I shall arm myself with all of the cleaning supplies in my possession and get to work. Maybe.
Or maybe I will sit here at my computer and talk with you awhile. You are so much more interesting than my bathrooms…
But first a song- This one will get us up and moving. Sing along with me. You heard me! Turn it up! Let the neighbors complain. We’re having church here!!

Have a great Wednesday- We’ll talk later.



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