Random Thoughts for a Tuesday

Things seen from the coffee shop window…
There is a little boy running across the parking lot with a purse in his hand.  No one is chasing him, so either he got away clean or he’s bringing it to his mother.
The are two men sitting next to me speaking a language that I can’t identify. I would dearly love to listen in but I can’t catch a word- darn it!
The young woman who just walked in has on the most impossibly high heels- her feet are going to kill her later, but they look great with her outfit, so maybe it’s worth it?
There is a sweet couple sitting together down the way from me. They come often- he pushing her wheelchair and she with the biggest smile on her face. He is so sweet and gentle with her. It makes me happy to see them.
I think the Episcopal priest just ordered his coffee. He doesn’t have his clerical collar on but he’s wearing his “Jesus sandals” (HIS feet aren’t going to hurt later)and has a big cross around his neck. What coffee would Jesus drink? I should ask him.
Last night my ukulele class played along with Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole (had to copy/paste that one) on Somewhere Over the Rainbow. No, he wasn’t in my studio but isn’t YouTube great? We definitely felt like big shots and very accomplished playing along. These ukuladies are getting pretty good!
I took big dog to Home Depot on Saturday. She’s in therapy dog training. Other than lots of drooling, she did great! She wasn’t startled by the forklift or the power saw or carts or any of the people. Children came from all over the store to pet her and give her treats. Note to self- bring more treats and a bigger towel to wipe up.
I’ve finished my coffee- so it’s time to go.
Life is happening all around us, if we will just pay attention. Pastor Byron said on Sunday that God wants us to be 3 mile per hour Christians- Taking time to see the need of those around us. Ok, I get it.
We’ll talk later- You are a blessed child of God.
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